Heather Nicol

Membre associée


  • Géopolitique de l'Arctique, grand nord canadien
  • Murs et Frontières (frontière canado-américaine)
  • Relations Canada-Cuba



Informations biographiques

Heather Nicol is a political geographer with interests in the Canada-US Border, The circumpolar North, and Canada-Cuba relations. Her work explores the structure and operation of the Canada-US border, with special emphasis on the impacts of security.

She is also interested in the circumpolar North as a geopolitical and geo-economic space, and the relationship between the interests of nation-states and indigenous peoples in the North. Dr. Nicol is currently the principal investigator for a SSHRC-funded project on the implications of security along the Canada-US border for American hegemony. She is also investigating the veracity of corporate claims to socio-economic development in the Canadian North.

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