Accessing healthcare in borderlands regions

Par Élisabeth Vallet, Eva Moya, Andréanne Bissonnette et Marie-Claude Francoeur
Le Balado de la Chaire

Often perceived as a space of risk and challenges, borders can also be places of opportunities. For those who can legally move across it, the border makes it possible to benefit from cross-border resources, such as healthcare and access to medicine. However, in reaction to COVID-19, many borders were closed to non-essential traffic. How has COVID-19 influenced health care use strategies in the borderlands? What impacts has COVID-19 had – and continues to have – on the health of (trans)border communities? This discussion, with Eva Moya, Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso, Marie-Claude Francoeur, Delegate of Québec in Boston and Andréanne Bissonnette, research fellow at the Center for Geopolitical Studies, was hosted by Élisabeth Vallet, professor at the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean and director of the Center for Geopolitical Studies.
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17 juin 2021