Borders Politics in Uncertain Times: the Case of Finland

Par Jussi P. Laine and Élisabeth Vallet
Balado de la Chaire

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine in February 2022, the security environment between the European Union and Russia has evolved drastically, transforming the geopolitics of the region as well as the nature of alliances and European integration.

In this context, the Observatoire de géopolitique, in partnership with the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (Concordia University), organized a conference with Jussi P. Laine, who examined recent developments at the border between Finland and Russia, where past practices of cooperation and interdependence came to an abrupt end following the Russian invasion.

Topics discussed include Finland's membership of NATO, the imposition of restrictive visa requirements for Russian citizens, and the construction of a border fence along the border with Russia. The conference also addressed the evolution and hardening of borders, and the proliferation of border walls in response to growing threat perceptions.

This event was hosted by Élisabeth Vallet.

Cette conférence est également disponible sur YouTube
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21 novembre 2023