Ideological Pillars of the Kremlin’s Influence in the Sahel

Par Tatiana Smirnova
Manara magazine Cambridge MENAF

«The war in Ukraine has created non-reversible dynamics in a variety of areas, with far reaching consequences across the globe. Whatever the outcome, the Kremlin has invested too much of its prestige into the war and, as most analysts agree, is unlikely to stop without attaining results that could be presented as a victory[i]. In the meantime, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine continues to export beyond Russia’s borders the narrative on President Vladimir Putin’s counter-hegemonic role in world politics. Countering this propaganda has turned out to be a challenging if not impossible task for Europe and North America, mostly because of the fact that deep reasons leading to controversial partnerships with Moscow are still very poorly understood. This paper is about the risks of this narrative that highlights the importance of sovereignty at any price. The risk is not about the narrative itself, but the precedent it is creating, allowing for other actors with similar initiatives to emerge.»

2 juillet 2022
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