Land-Based Commons : The Basis for a Peaceful Form of Economic Development?

Par Nicolas Hubert & al.
Agence française de développement et Banque mondiale

Patrick d’Aquino, Mathieu Boche, Nicolas Hubert, Stéphanie Leyronas et Sidy Mohamed. «Chapter 2 : Land-Based Commons: The Basis for a Peaceful Form of Economic Development?» Dans S. Leyronas, B. Coria et K. Nubukpo (dir.) The Commons. Drivers of Change and Opportunities for Africa, Agence française de Développement, Banque Mondiale, collection Africa Development Forum


The Commons explores the many forms of development being championed by Africa’s residents, users, and citizens. In addition to managing property and shared tangible and intangible resources collectively, communities are experimenting with a concept of “commoning” founded on values such as community, engagement, reciprocity, and trust. In practice, their approach takes the form of land-based commons, housing cooperatives, hybrid cultural spaces or places for innovation, and collaborative digital platforms. The purpose of this book, where observation of historical and recent practices converges with new theories within commons scholarship, is not to promote commons themselves. Rather, it examines the tensions, drivers of change, and opportunities that surround commons dynamics in Africa.

Juin 2023
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