The Political Economy of GovTech

Par Arthur Silve et Mariano Moszoro
Fonds monétaire international

Note du fonds monétaire international signée Arthur Silve et Mariano Moszoro, et publiée en juillet 2023.

The digitalization of public services, known as GovTech, can disrupt traditional mechanisms to promote economic development (for example, financial inclusion, education, and health care), improve the delivery of public services, and expedite development objectives. For GovTech to be successful in enhancing the public sector's efficiency, transparency, and inclusiveness, its design and implementation require that private interests be aligned with the overarching goal of a “citizen-oriented” digitalization. Because the interests of the state and private providers are often antagonistic, the social dividends from GovTech remain contingent on implementing the appropriate market structure through adequate property rights and regulatory oversight.

21 juillet 2023
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