Women, Peace, and Security – Feminist Perspectives on International Security

Par Caroline Leprince et Cassandra Steer
McGill-Queen's University Press

Greater participation by women in peace negotiations, policy-making, and legal decision-making would have a lasting impact on conflict resolution, development, and the maintenance of peace in post-conflict zones. Women, Peace, and Security lays the groundwork for this enhanced participation, drawing from insightful research by women scholars and applying a feminist lens to contemporary security issues.

Co-dirigé par Caroline Leprince et Cassandra Steer, cet ouvrage comprend le chapitre «Women’s Marches: How the Conservative Movement Mobilized American Feminism from El Paso to Montreal» co-rédigé par Irasema Coronado, Toula Drimonis, and Élisabeth Vallet.

Publié en août 2021 par McGill-Queen's University Press.

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Août 2021
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