Francophone Historians of the United States: A Voice in the Wilderness?


Par Greg Robinson
Perspectives on History, printemps 2015, pp. 37-8.

As an American, I find that one of the most interesting aspects of teaching US history in Montreal at l’Université du Québec À Montréal (UQÀM) is working in French. UQÀM is a proudly francophone institution, so not only is all my course teaching done in French, but virtually all undergraduate reading assignments, and many graduate-level texts, are given in French as well. (It is great fun to have my students read Tocqueville’s classic Democracy in America in the original language!) Since arriving in Montréal in 2001, I have worked to master the French-language literature of the field in order to make up course syllabi and to provide extra suggested readings for student papers.

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