It’s time to talk about feminicide


Par Andréanne Bissonnette
The Mantle

Masculine superiority, though contested today, continues to be defended by the dominant patriarchal system. It is visible in everyday life and is sometimes the source of horrendous gender-based violence. This violence knows no borders or limits. It takes on multiple forms, including feminicide.

The term “feminicide” was introduced by Jill Radford and Diana Russellto denote the gendered and endemic nature of violence against women. Femicide is defined as “the killing of females by males because they are females” but feminicide has yet another connotation. Indeed, Marcela Lagarde y de Los Rios defines as feminicide, gender-based violence characterized by the inaction of the state: “Feminicide is able to occur because the authorities who are omissive, negligent, or acting in collusion with assailants perpetrate institutional violence against women (…)” It can take different forms, including domestic violence, systemic sexual violence and feminicide based on stigmatized occupations, such as prostitution.

Le 18 avril 2018
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