Reflections on the National Interest


Par Irvin Studin

Granted, the lion’s share of 21CQ’s projects and activities concern international and global questions and problems. These projects, from the former Soviet space to Western Asia and international criminal justice, involve no national interests at all – 21CQ seeks simply to play a practical, facilitating role to help solve critical, often wicked problems. We do so by analyzing, framing, introducing, convening and, to be sure, floating and communicating – publicly and privately alike, patiently, on all continents – algorithms for solution. Many of these algorithms are deliberately “asymptotic” by nature – that is, they are intended to approximate a solution to a framed problem, in full recognition that the “exact” solution will be better approximated over time, through iteration and, to be sure, through intense collaboration and input from the various parties concerned.

5 juillet 2018
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